Pioneer DDJ-SB2 DJ Controller Review

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 DJ Controller Review

A DJ controller is a popular device for helping DJs mix music with their DJ software. There are many components in a DJ controller such as faders, encoders, jog wheels, touch strips, and backlit buttons, etc.

We all now mixing music can be a complex thing if you don't have the right set of tools or the appropriate gear. It is important to invest in a good DJ controller to make the most out of all components that are involved in a music mix.

At present, the market offers many cheap and mediocre products that claim deliver a smoother mixing experience. However, it is common to come across a product that does not perform the way it should to entertain the audience.

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 DJ Controller Front

Hence, buyers must keep in mind a few major considerations before investing in the product. Make sure you check enough reviews of a DJ controller before you decide to purchase it.

Pioneer has been a leading brand in the DJ markets for the past several years. It has launched several successful products particularly some excellent DJ controllers. Not only it is a trusted name in the world of professional DJ equipment, but the manufacturing giant also continues to upgrade its standard to produce hi-tech products.

About The Product

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 is a popular DJ controller that has received good reviews from a large consumer-base. Moreover, the DDJ-SB2 is compatible with Pioneer DJ?s Rekordbox DJ software. DJs are well aware of the massive improvement of the version 4.1 of Rekordbox DJ, both regarding audio engine quality and stability.

This model features Serato DJ Intro in the box. However, it is compatible with Serato DJ when you upgrade. Buyers also get a two-week free trial period to evaluate the features before they intend to buy the full version.

The controller offers two channels of DJ performance control. It features the Serato Flip function with dedicated buttons for recording and important sequences including skipping, repeating rearrangement of musical pieces. There are many great things about this product. Here are the top features and benefits of this controller.

  • MIDI Controller: The controller is MIDI assignable via USB
  • USB Powered: DJs can simply connect it to their computer with the USB cable that comes with the controller
  • Integrated Sound Card: You don't have to worry about additional sound cards as the controller is built to connect to your amplifier or speaker
  • High Quality Built and Exceptional Sound Quality: The model is built using the best of premium materials to deliver exceptional audio quality. With its unique style and aluminum jog wheel, you get a great feel when using this controller

This controller also benefits from an ergonomic design and offers eight unique performance pads. Users get durable aluminum jog wheels to get the complete control of the tracks. The DDJ-SB2 replicates all the ground-breaking features of the DDJ-SB such as the Performance Pads, Filter Fade and features that are not available to consumers within this price range.

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The model is immensely popular among all professional and amateur DJs, owing to its plug-and-play control of Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ, which is a paid upgrade.

Thanks to this controller's inventive Filter Fade, DJs can now mix seamlessly and adjust the filter and volume using just one hand. Hence, users can get more creative with the tactile Performance Pads and buttons for triggering, loops, cues, FX, and samples.

The DDJ-SB2 comes with several unique features that only the most modern controllers offer to their users. It includes level meters and a trim knob to control the volumes on every channel.

The DDJ-SB2 offers great portability than its rivals. Moreover, the controller features an intuitive layout and is extremely durable thanks to its solid construction. A successful DJ needs a device that can switch songs on the fly.

You should be as smooth as possible for holding a successful event. Since the market features all kinds of controllers, it is important that you buy a model that fits your requirement and is not overly expensive. Do not settle for a mediocre model since it will not offer long-term use.

What Others Say

Customers who purchased the DDJ-SB2 DJ controller love it for its impressive functions and affordable price. It offers great portability and boasts all the right features needed for a professional-level mixing performance. It seamlessly integrates with Serato software.

Buyers also love it for its robust built and a power-packed performance. Although it is popular among amateur DJs, it continues to beat its competitors with its intuitive layout and high-quality construction.

Hence, it is a great controller for both professional and amateur DJs. When it comes to combining affordability with functionality, then the DDJ-SB2 DJ controller is a valuable addition to your music gear.

Buying Advice

If you already own the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB, then the DDJ-SB2 proves to be a valuable addition. It has managed to accomplish the same success that its predecessor enjoyed.

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 DJ Controller


The DDJ-SB2 is a tough portable performer that is a valuable addition to any digital DJ who wants to invest in a durable controller. With easy controls and an intuitive layout, it is also easier to set up for holding successful and memorable events every night.

It holds a decent rating on and enjoys mostly good reviews from buyers. You can save almost $59 if you purchase it from Amazon since it is available at a discounted offer of $240 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 is a USB powered DJ controller that does not require any other power source. It is built to fit into the smallest of DJ setups and offers incredible portability convenience.

It currently ranks as one of the best DJ controllers for Serato DJ and is popular particularly among amateurs. If you are looking for an inclusive DJ controller that is equipped with great professional features but is ideal for amateurs, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 serves as an incredible controller.

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