Denon MC4000 DJ Controller Review

Denon MC4000 DJ Controller Review

The MC4000 is suitable for the hi-tech professional DJ. It is a great portable controller. This well-built device offers impressive beat mixing. The professional club-style controller has all the right qualities to deliver a thrilling performance.

The MC4000 is a proof of the true commitment of Denon DJ to provide an exceptionally professional controller to equip the modern DJ. This device serves as a fantastic addition to your music gear if you are looking for a high-level DJ controller that users can depend on every night.

Denon MC4000 DJ Controller

Like all the other products manufactured by this brand, the MC4000 is packed with incredible features and features a contemporary design. Denon DJ has emphasized on usability, giving all the right features to serve professional DJ's.

It presents tremendous opportunities to mix and perform in all kinds of settings. Each pad offers a wide range of functions to make it one of the most versatile controllers of our times.

If you have previously owned or used a Denon controller, you will feel right at home with this product. A major highlight of this model is that it is ideal for professional/mobile DJs. Hence, you get two mic channels with a stereo/mono button for the output.

The controller is popular since it features long throw pitch controls and four sample trigger buttons. This model features Serato DJ Intro software. Users can upgrade to the complete version, something all professional DJs do after buying this model.

Undeniably, the MC4000 is a wonderful model to use. If you are looking for a professional two-channel controller for mobile use, this is just the right controller you need to perform at your best.

About The Product

This a Serato DJ controller serves as a valuable tool for the skilled entertainer. Since it comes in a robust steel chassis, the DJ controller is durable. The manufacturers of this product are known for launching successful products including mixers, media players, headphones, and controllers. Some notable features of the MC4000:

  • Jog Wheels for incredible track cueing and scratching
  • Dedicated Pads with feedback
  • Booth outputs with independent level control
  • Long-throw pitch faders
  • Professional-level steel built to guarantee durability

All models of this product pass premium sound checks before reaching consumers. Thanks to its multi-faceted functions, the two-deck controller offers a premium 24-bit audio output path to create impressively clearer mixes.

Its long-throw pitch faders with an intuitive control layout promise to deliver a smooth operation when balancing complicated set elements. Thanks to its Balanced Booth Outputs, users can also feed the program signal to local monitor speakers.

Since it is compatible with many other useful applications, DJ's can also use their preferred programs and modify their performance according to their unique style and requirements.

You also get a well-implemented library section. Apart from that, you also get a nice preparation section so you can easily open and add to a prep window. You don't need to go back to a computer keyboard to do the same.

Denon MC4000 DJ Controller Backside

The MC4000 beats its competitors by offering just what professional DJs need for a successful event. With its solid built, exceptional audio quality and an intuitive layout, the MC4000 makes every performance impressive and memorable. No wonder it is quickly becoming an affordable DJ controller that is known for its top-notch features.

The MC4000 offers an excellent sound quality that beats its rivals. It is built to deliver the best of performances with its high-end features. Do not be tempted to buy mediocre or cheap products when you can get a classy DJ controller such as this one at such an incredible price. What comes in the package:

  • MC4000
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Software Download Card
  • User Guide
  • Serato DJ Voucher Card
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

This model continues to score good reviews thanks to its sleek new design and fascinating appearance. The controller replicates the innovation, and high-quality built that the other products by Denon DJ offer. By investing in this controller, you get a portable, reliable and exceptional sound quality system.

What Others Say

DJs and users who purchased the MC 4000 are in love with its design and functionality. It is currently one of the best DJ controllers that are popular regarding affordability and durability. Reviewers are happy to use this modern controller that offers tremendous portability convenience.

Buyers are happy to upgrade the Serato DJ Intro to full Serato DJ. It is engineered to comply with all the demands of a busy mobile DJ. It features all the basic mixing capabilities to guarantee an entertaining night.

People are in love with its timeless design and durable construction. This reason is why it is easy to carry and transport without having to worry about causing any significant damage to it. It is one of the best available DJ controllers that are currently available.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a tough, durable and creative controller, then the MC4000 fits the bill. It is a great product for professional and amateur DJs since it is available at an affordable price. The features make it a great product worth every penny. The product enjoys mostly positive reviews and maintains a decent rating at

Denon MC4000 DJ Controller


If you want to buy a professional-grade controller that offers durability and innovation at an affordable price, then you must get your hands on the impressive MC4000 for about $400 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

Since mobile DJs are always looking for portable and handy devices as a backup source, this is a great model that provides a multitude of features. The MC4000 is capable of handling all big and small events by being your perfect companion. This compact and reliable product lets you take charge of any event.

All in all, the MC4000 is a great product for the modern and professional DJs all around the world. It is a highly recommended model to let your creativity shine with its impeccable mixing capabilities to reduce the needs for additional equipment.

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